New Book: Wavenomics

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This book has been over a year in the making.

There is so much to say about investing today, so many ideas and thoughts to get across it's hard to know where to start.

What’s the most important point to get across? It was paralysis brought on by information overload.

Do we tell you everything we learned from an advisor who spent over 30 years in the financial services business?

And make no mistake – it IS a business! Designed to first and foremost generate fees and commissions.


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Like a Zombie, it Rises.....

You see someone on the street coming towards you. At first glance nothing seems out of place. Maybe a little stagger to their step though..... and as they get closer you see they're a little rough around the edges. And wait - what's that on the corners of their mouth? It looks like that piece of frog brain you dropped on the floor when you were in biology class! OH NO! It's the STOCK MARKET! Er, I mean, A ZOMBIE! But wait, is there really a difference?

Just what is a zombie? Well, according...

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Easy Peezy

Hi Wave Riders!

OK, you're here, so now what? How do you get the absolute MOST out of YOUR amazing new investment tool? So, it depends on where you are investing, or if you haven't started yet, where you INTEND to invest. We cannot give specific investment advice, but to be honest, with a few tools like InvestWaves, and a few minutes a month, you can probably do better with an inexpensive online account than the average buy and hold style 'professional' who offers to charge you a ton of money...

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Waves Performance vs Buy/Hold 2006 - 2011

Comparison 2006 - 2011.jpg


How does using InvestWaves tools compare to traditional investing? 

Here's an example.

If you had $100,000 invested in 2006 and followed one of these three investing strategies through 2011, this would be the results:

Buy/Hold + 0.75%

Wave 1 + 28.54%

Wave 2 + 41.87%

If you followed traditional buy/hold investing strategies from 2006 through 2011, you would end up with a gain of 0.75%. Keep in mind, that doesn't consider all the extra fees you're incurring by staying in the market....

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Riding The Waves

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The investment industry advice has been consistent for decades: Keep your clients fully invested at all times!

Millions of dollars a year are spent on marketing campaigns, slick glossy brochures, all purposed to that singular goal.

Typical Investment Advisor Marketing

So the question is, why put so much effort into that one idea?

The answer is simple: They make more money from you if you always stay in the market.

There are several reasons for this.

First, are the fees. We're not talking about the fee your advisor charges. ...

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