Like a Zombie, it Rises.....

You see someone on the street coming towards you. At first glance nothing seems out of place. Maybe a little stagger to their step though..... and as they get closer you see they're a little rough around the edges. And wait - what's that on the corners of their mouth? It looks like that piece of frog brain you dropped on the floor when you were in biology class! OH NO! It's the STOCK MARKET! Er, I mean, A ZOMBIE! But wait, is there really a difference?

Just what is a zombie? Well, according to common lore, it is a person who once was alive, but died, then was brought back to life by a powerful, unearthly source. Okay, yeah, it's the stock market.

See, the stock market died in 2008. It made all the headlines. All of the Heads (the talking HEADS on TV and the internet who show up when stuff happens to try to state the obvious) were crying, and giving their own diagnosis of the cause. But it didn't matter, the markets were dead. And then!! DUM DUM Dahhhh... the sorcerer showed up. His name? Ben Bernanke from the land of Federal Reserve - a mysterious realm that should not exist, but does (That happens a lot in these movies) - to work his magic on the dead market.

Using all of the powers at his disposal, he created money out of thin air, and injected his poison into the market, and it arose as if alive. Alas, it was not - it only had the appearance of life, and went about eating the brains of everyone who believed it WAS actually alive!!. Everyone was so happy to see it walking around, they were willing to sacrifice their brains and ignore the abnormalities that accompanied this creature - Ultra low, and even NEGATIVE - interest rates; the constant need of a continual supply of BRAINS, er, I mean FREE MONEY! The massive cooking of books to make it LOOK like companies were doing well so they could get their huge bonuses; And nearly every measure of market valuation saying the Zombie was dead - that this thing should NOT be walking around right now...

As a Wave Rider, we know it's OK to follow this Zombie around, but we don't want to forget that it's really the walking dead. At some point it's going to give in to the rot spreading all through it. When that happens and the Wave turns RED..... Let's see - When the Wave is RED, the Zombie is DEAD. Well, yeah actually it IS dead already, so... never mind. 

Until next time,

Ride the Waves (and don't let the Zombie eat your brain)!


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