New Book: Wavenomics

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This book has been over a year in the making.

There is so much to say about investing today, so many ideas and thoughts to get across it's hard to know where to start.

What’s the most important point to get across? It was paralysis brought on by information overload.

Do we tell you everything we learned from an advisor who spent over 30 years in the financial services business?

And make no mistake – it IS a business! Designed to first and foremost generate fees and commissions.

They said they’re not against fees and commissions, and neither are we. Where we part company with the industry standard is when the drive for revenue runs over the people they are supposed to help.

So, the best way to start anything is to start!

We’re going to let the thoughts come and try to capture them before they pass by and the next thought takes its place. We’re not going to try and give you all that we’ve learned from our ‘inside source’, but enough to hopefully make a difference.

If we like the results, maybe we’ll do another book. But if we continue to wait for the perfect book, there will be no book at all.

What follows are stories, anecdotes, and insights shared by our industry veteran.

Some of it isn’t pretty. In fact, some of the experiences they shared about their time with a major insurance company are downright ugly. So here we go. First-person stories shared with us by a 30 plus year veteran, not afraid to share some inside secrets.

When the first person (“I”) is used, those are direct anecdotes from this industry veteran. They’ll pop up a lot throughout the book.

We dedicate this book to the Wave Riders.

Individuals who are working hard, and want their money to work hard for them, and could use some help to protecting themselves from the talking heads on the financial news channels spewing propaganda designed mostly to keep under-informed investors in the markets at all times and at all costs.

We hope you benefit from our discoveries, and the facts, anecdotes, and information we were able to gather from our secret weapon – someone who has been successful inside the financial industry for over thirty years and wanted to share the truth with us.

Who wanted to make sure that everyone had access to the tools and information to become a better investor. 

You can also purchase the book for Kindle, Nook, or Paperback.


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