Happy New Year Wave Riders!!

WOW! The year has flown by! We at InvestWaves hope your Holidays were full of good things and good people, and wish you the best for the coming year. And we'll do the best we can on our part to make sure you have the best chance with your investments to make that a reality. Speaking of....

Just like impatient kids on a car ride wanting to know 'Are we there yet!?', investors want to know if we are at the end of this historic bull market.

The market headlines have been full of doom and gloom.... or sunshine and butterflies.... depending on the day of the week and whether Jupiter is aligned with Mars or the wind is blowing from the east... or is it  west...?? I don't know, and the fact is neither does anyone else. The market does what the market does. But here's the thing.... If you know how to read the decision once it has been made, you can crush average market returns. 

CURRENTLY, Wave 1 has moved solidly away from the sell line, indicating it is a great time to be invested. Also, it is a terrible time to be complacent! Make sure you pay attention if you get an email from us, and check back here at least once a week. We'll do our best to make your New Year brighter by helping you stay on the right side of the market.

Until next time,

Ride the Waves!



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